Finding Health Education Materials Around the Web

There are a lot of health education materials around the web, some of sinus health material could be found at and if you are interested in learning more about living a healthy lifestyle, or have concerns about a health condition, then finding some of those health education materials is a good starting point.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there surrounding health topics, and you cannot always trust information that you find online. This is especially true when it comes to diet and exercise and also alternative or complementary therapies. Organizations that sell weight loss supplements, diet pills, or alternatives to conventional medicine are not regulated by the same sort of rules as drug makers, and this means that some of them (but not all) make questionable claims and hide behind pseudoscience in a bid to make themselves sound more reputable.

If you want to avoid problems with such organizations, then you will need to practice due diligence. Always verify any claims that are made when you are reading educational resources. Look at third party websites, and look up studies for yourself. Do not trust “truthy” statements such as “studies say” – check what those studies are. Learn about logical fallacies such as the straw man and the appeal to authority.

Remember that even if you are reading a study, you should not immediately trust it. Does the study use sound research methods? Was it published in a peer-reviewed journal? There are many journals that accept payments from researchers and that will publish papers without review. Check the pedigree of the journal before trusting what it says.

The best places to go for health education materials are websites that are backed by doctors  or national health bodies. The Boots/WebMD website is a good starting point, as is PubMed (for studies) and the UK’s Patient Net. Be wary of sites that allow anyone to publish content. Crowdsourced answers can be nice as a form of support if all you want to know is how many other people have the same condition as you, but they are not good for getting advice about how to treat common medical conditions. If you ever have a serious health concern, or even a minor irritation that goes on for a long time, then you should seek professional medical advice. Leaving a minor problem until it develops into something more serious could quite literally cost you your life.

Frank Cline

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