Monitor social conversations across Twitter, facebook, Youtube, Google+ and millions of other sources. Additionally monitor your own Twitter and Facebook accounts and page.
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We bring you conversations from millions of sources across seven different channels- Social Networks, Video Sharing Services, Photo/Image Sharing Services, Microblogs, Blogs, Mainstream Online News and Forums. We also get data from local sources for specific geographies. Prioritize or block sources based on your requirements.

Social Accounts

Monitor your own twitter, facebook accounts and pages in real-time


Our dashboard solutions are simplified visual representations of complex data to help you understand detailed analysis easily. You can customize the dashboards with multiple filters and tagging options. We also give you dashboards that help you to compare with competitors called Competitive Benchmarking and compare for a different time line with our Comparative Benchmarking dashboards. Save your dashboards or generate reports for future reference.

Social Profile Analysis

Get in-depth analysis of your Facebook and Twitter account with live feeds and historical data. Use advanced filters to drill down into comments, updates, accounts and pages on Facebook, and tweets by you and your followers on Twitter. Engage and manage your tweets, messages, newsfeeds, wall posts and timelines.

Ad hoc Queries

Get more focused data by slicing it through additional queries. Analyse as you think, run unlimited queries within campaigns across any time range or media-source and drill-down to topics most relevant to you. Search for and create multiple folders within an existing listening grid.

Real-time and Archival data

When you want to have a preview of your topic of interest on the social web, we give you conversations both from our archived and real-time data. We also enable you to engage with people, publishers and authors directly in these conversations.


Identifying those that have a larger impact on your social presence ensures that your analysis and social management reflects more than just numbers. muWebfluenz provides a network agnostic impact measure that enables you to better understand your presence across the social web.

In addition muWebfluenz allows you to track links being shared on social networks. This provides you with a quick way to analyse and engage with articles being shared across all social networks, thus ensuring that you reach out to the flood of visitors pouring in from across the social web.

Our influence scores are dynamically re-calculated based on the filters you choose to apply on your data, ensuring that you can find influencers for a particular subset of mentions that you are interested in. So if network specific influencers is what you are looking for then you can get exactly that and if you are looking for female, positive impact twitter and facebook influencers over the last four days, you can get that too.

Intent ( Consumer Quotes )

Understanding the the intent of your consumer on social media networks can help you strategize your social media presence and maximize it’s impact to target possible customers. muWebfluenz proprietary technology offers you detailed classification of conversations based on various metrics. These metrics are designed to give you conversations that indicates a consumer wants to buy or sell your product. It can also show you if a consumer doesn’t want to buy your competitor’s product. You can then reach out to them for possible sales. We can also give you conversations about any complaint or dissatisfaction about your or competitor’s product. Thus, you can take appropriate steps to resolve concerns and avoid any social media outrages with respect to your brand. muWebfluenz allows you to filter conversations through the set of existing metrics based on your requirements.

Compare Brands

Compare performance of one brand over another in the same date-range. eg compare positive buzz around Obama with the positive buzz around Mitt Romney during 1st to 10th Oct’13

Campaign Performance

Compare the performance of your brand over different time-periods. eg track the social media buzz before, during and after launch of Samsung TV.

Geographic Breakdown

Breakup of chatter by geography

Gender Break-up

Breakup of chatter by gender

Channel Break-up

Breakup of chatter by channels


Customize your dashboards to get precisely what you want. Add or edit filter options for sources, geography, sentiments, saved queries, gender, read or unread mentions, consumer intent, Ad hoc queries and GPRS tagged mentions. Our interactive inline filters at all points makes it easy for you to implement the changes you want.Use time filter to get web conversations that happened in the last second to up to last 2 years.

Author Profile

Get complete profile of the author and people/publishers who are creating a buzz around your brand or topic of interest on the social web. Reach out to them based on their influence factor.

Engagement History

Keep a track of all your engagements with multiple authors, people, publishers or links, done through the muWebfluenz systems. Use this data to follow-up a conversation or potential customer.


Twitter and facebook engagements are seamlessly integrated with muWebfluenz.

Engage from other sources

Engage with any comments from all sources and save all your engagement on muWebfluenz.


Tweak your dashboard settings and engagement columns to get focused and productive results. Prioritize or block sources; filter with geography, gender and language; classify with sentiment tagging, customer intent and influential people/publisher or links; edit contact details and more.


Add multiple users to an account to use our strong collaboration tools. Label, share or assign mentions on social media network to specific departments within your organization toreach out to potential customers, resolve customer concerns, or to simply share information.


Create your own workspace by using single or multiple columns to monitor projects, search topics, social profiles and datasets in a single unified space. Use our existing set of columns or edit them to dedicate for mentions, assignments, labels, influencers, engagement history with different set of filters and more.

Customer Support

Your concerns and issues are of important to us, we therefore do not charge you additionally for customer support services. You can reach out to our customer support team 24X7for any issues through live chats, emails, toll free numbers, or raise a customer support ticket.


We want to ensure that you are aware about how our products work best for you and your team. We, therefore, offer you complete training on our products without any additional costs. We also give you regular product update training and share documents for reference with every update.


Post status updates on your twitter. Image attachment, shortening links and location checkin options are available while creating the update


Post status updates on your facebook account and pages. Link previews, shortening links and location checkin options are available while creating the update


Post status updates on your linkedin accounts. Image attachment, link previews, shortening links and location checkin options are available while creating the update

Publish on Multiple accounts

Create update on multiple twitter, facebook, linkedin accounts from one location


Schedule updates to be sent at optimum time during the day on various social networks

Detailed Reports

Keep a track of all the results derived from various permutations and combinations of filters and tags using detailed reports. You can get these in-depth reports for all your search topic profiles.

Dashboard Reports

Get concise and easy to understand dashboard reports for all your dashboard analysis- Deep-Dive, Competitive Benchmarking and Comparative Benchmarking. Customize as per your requirements using active filters and productive data. You can download all the reports with graphs, and mentions in CSV form.

Keyword Alerts

Get daily updates from social media conversations on your search keyword delivered in your inbox.

Custom Alerts

Keep a track of activity happening with the topics set-up in your account. eg. get alerted when negative chatter about Amazon by women from US goes up by 100% in last 24 hours.

Trend Alerts

Get daily alerts for social media trends in your inbox

If you are looking for global data we can reach out to every continent- Europe, US, Middle East, Asia or Africa and search conversations in the language you want. We give you options to search in as many as 90 languages including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic and Persian
Sentiment Tagging

Judging the mood of a conversation relevant to you is fundamental to understanding your social presence, be it for the purpose of analysis or management. When you have hundreds of thousands of mentions every day it becomes an impossible task. muWebfluenz provides automated sentiment tagging in 24 languages ensuring that you spend your time on analysis and management instead of sifting through thousands of mentions.Automated sentiment tagging is often achieved through word lists namely mentions with ‘hate’ would be tagged negative and so on. This approach is significantly lacking in dealing with the nuances of social interactions wherein sarcasm and colloquialisms are more the norm rather than the exception.

muWebfluenz, on the other hand, uses proprietary technology to break down a mention into its building blocks which are then analysed for sentiment related to your search topic.

This ensures vastly superior accuracy.

In addition, muWebfluenz provides an easy way to manually override the automated sentiment tags. Our continuously evolving sentiment tagging system learns from your feedback and provides you data with higher levels of accuracy.

Covering around 90% of the languages spoken by the world’s internet population, muWebfluenz supports:

  • English
  • Indonesian
  • Arabic
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Malay
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Italian
  • Tagalog
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Persian
  • Hindi
  • Hebrew
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian
  • Hungarian
  • Korean