How Should You Hire An ERISA Life Insurance Attorney?

So much goes into choosing a life insurance policy. You purchase life insurance to protect your family. In this case, someone has done that for you, and unfortunately, that person has passed away. If that’s not enough to deal with, all the sudden you find out the the life insurance claim has been denied. An ERISA life insurance attorney, however, can help you turn things around.

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The San Francisco ERISA life insurance attorney that you choose for instance will take the reins when it comes to your claim. So let’s look more at the process of finding the right attorney. You know how to check references and ask about experience and credentials. Let’s look instead at the fee structures for ERISA Lawyers because doing so will actually help you more than you know right now. You will see in just a minute.

First, did you know that these attorneys can either take your case on a contingency can basis or at an hourly rate? You may be asking yourself why in the world you would even consider paying an hourly rate for an attorney to begin with for a claim like this. After all, you need money that is owed to you, and this money is for the sake of your survival and we’ll being. Attorneys are expensive, so now you are being asked if you want to pay the hourly rate?

Well, hold your horses. First, just because an attorney works on a contingency basis doesn’t mean you get more money. In fact, you won’t get any money at all without getting a settlement. You need an ERISA lawyer that is going to work hard for you. Who do you think is going to work harder, an attorney flooded with cases he took on a contingency basis or a lawyer you are paying for directly by the hour?

Attorneys that work on contingency have so many cases and are likely to work on settling those first that they think have the most potential. And even then, would they have, in a hurry, secured the best settlement? Of course, to hire an attorney and pay him or her by the hour, you need the money, or do you? There are isntances where the inurance companies pay attorneys fees, and you certainly want to know if that’s the case for you. Plus, you want to know how much you might end up owing in total if you pay an attorney by the hour. Once you figure allof that out, you can make a decision about which lawyer you want to hire.

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